Polystyrene waste collection

On average, we collect around 7,000 tons of polystyrene per year. The collection of polystyrene waste is one of the most important activities for us to ensure 100% recycling of polystyrene in Lithuania. We collect polystyrene sheets, off-cuts, clean and impurity-free polystyrene and process it into pellets, which then become the raw material for the production of new products. In this way, we bring the economics of polystyrene production into a closed circle and make sure that this circle does not generate any waste. Polystyrene does not decompose for hundreds or thousands, of years, which is why the collection of polystyrene waste is crucial for all of us. We are committed to protecting the nature, caring for the living environment, and striving for clean polystyrene waste management and recycling.

We collect

Industrial polystyrene waste

Polystyrene containers, packaging

Polystyrene fish boxes

Expanded polystyrene for construction


We can only collect and recycle polystyrene that is dry, clean and free of construction or other additives, flat waste or impurities. The shape, density and colour of the used polystyrene is not important.

We Issue all the necessary documents proving the waste management helping you to reduce packaging taxes.

Benefits for you:
- You save on waste container costs because you save space in the container.
- You get your waste management documents in order effortlessly .
- You save on packaging taxes.
- By delivering directly to the recycler, you shorten the recycling chain and its costs to ensure transparent recycling.
- You get the reassurance that your waste will actually be recycled.
- You contribute to a sustainable economy and the preservation of nature, as polystyrene naturally decomposes over thousands of years.

For larger quantities of polystyrene waste, we will collect it from you ourselves.

We will pick up your polystyrene waste from 10 m3 and upwards with our own transport. If you have a lot of waste or you have a regular waste accumulation, we recommend that you purchase a polystyrene baler. Read more about it here. The conditions for each pick-up are negotiated individually.

Contact us

We can advise you on all issues related to the polystyrene waste: how to deal with the problem of waste, how to purchase polystyrene compaction equipment or how to prepare waste documentation and accounting.