Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a material made by fusing expanded polystyrene pellets with air-filled pores. Expanded polystyrene is 98% air and 2% polystyrene plastic.

All polystyrene can be recycled.
- Separate polystyrene from other construction waste, packaging parts or impurities that are not polystyrene.
- Pack and bring it to us at the address in the contact page
- If you cannot bring a small amount of polystyrene waste, then put it in a plastic or packaging container.

We collect polystyrene for free, so you save on the cost of servicing the waste container. The polystyrene waste must be clean, free of construction or household waste and other additives.

We only come to pick up waste in our own transport when there is at least 10m3 of waste. Each case is negotiated individually. Contact us.

We can only recycle polystyrene that is dry, clean and free of construction or other additives, waste or impurities. The shape, density and colour of the used polystyrene are not important.

Yes, R&R Ideas Ltd is a licensed waste collection and recycling company.

We recycle polystyrene. Waste polystyrene becomes raw material for the industry.

Yes, we only accept dry, clean polystyrene, free of construction or other additives, household waste or impurities.