Collection of compressed polystyrene

If you have large quantities of polystyrene waste and it accumulates regularly, you should consider buying a polystyrene baler. The volume of compressed polystyrene is reduced up to 50 times. Not only will you solve the problem of polystyrene waste storage, but your waste will also gain economic value, contribute to the recycling cycle, and reduce pollution of the earth. We will buy the compressed polystyrene from you at the best price.


Why is it beneficial to press polystyrene?

The storage space limitation is solved

Compressed polystyrene has economic value.

Compressed polystyrene can be transported over long distances. The comparative weight can reach 300-1000 kg/m3

Compressed polystyrene is a preform for further recycling of polystyrene.

Packaging pollution taxes reduced


Polystyrene must not be pressed together with other plastics, construction waste, metal and other materials.

Compressed polystyrene shall be separated and sorted by type and color.

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